Welcome to THE House DREW BUILT

This last year has been a challenge for us all. Whether it's been the pandemic that has changed our lifestyles in ways we've never thought possible or the political unrest which has divided us. We find ourselves at the crossroads of changing course for the better or continuing down a path that pits even neighbors against each other. At House of Drew, we've always considered it our mission to do what we can through the medium of fashion to be a conduit of positive change. The journey has been uncertain and, at times, has caused us to make difficult choices, but even when it seemed it was time to close the doors on this dream, your support encouraged us to keep going. It served as the inspiration for our latest and, arguably, our most important campaign. We are appropriately naming it the "L.O.V.E. Movement," an acronym for


I say that because even if we do something significant, if the foundational reason is L.O.V.E., it's not worth a piece of thread. That said, we thank you for joining us as we progress to the April 16th release of the entire Spring line. Appropriately for Valentine's day, we're debuting the first renderings of the initial designs from the "Drew Board." It doesn't mean this is where we'll end up, but this is where we are now on the journey. Without being married to a theme, in addition to focusing on the L.O.V.E. designs, we're going to revisit the "Favorite Things collection and introduce the "Cameras" and "Music" series.

I appreciate the affinity you've always shown this HOUSE, even if we aren't the biggest on the block.

With your help, we'll spread L.O.V.E. while continue to RAZE HELL...