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Hello again Everyone,

We've almost completed putting the finishing touches on our House and look forward to you joining us for the "Housewarming" next week. I thank the over 700 who have supported us thus far. The closet will be open again on Saturday so you can see the exciting new D-Signs we're planning to offer for Summer '19!

Inspired by Legends...
What is the House of Drew?

As a child style was essential to my Family. My Uncles were my earliest fashion icons and influencers. They purchased my first subscription to GQ Magazine® when I was twelve years old. I would write fashion houses and be ecstatic to receive their lookbooks, but the Designer who challenged, intrigued and encouraged my sense of fashion more than any other was Gianni Versace. Though I couldn’t afford his pieces, I did my best to put emulate his style.

In 1997 while trying to navigate Miami, I had the chance opportunity to meet him one morning at the News Cafe. Needless to say, it changed my life. I saw a few pictures in his sketchbook, but the Medusa design on an “electric green” background was one the most beautiful designs I’d ever seen. He was able to use one of the most understated yet powerful articles of clothing, the T-Shirt, to make authoritative statements. Furthermore, he incorporated Music in his artistic expression which opened the doors for exposure to new audiences. At House of Drew, one of our goals is to marry Fashion and Philanthropy through a concept we call Falanthropy. The T-Shirt is our tool of choice to bring attention to but also provide tangible assistance in areas where needs exist. As our mission statement proclaims, we’re about making a difference through what we call, RAZING HELL! House of Drew has even spawned a HealthTech startup and we hope to continue supporting as many causes as viable to make this world a better place. We're considering today our soft launch so we want you to come in an preview our House as we finish putting things up. We expect to have the color selection fully in place by Saturday afternoon. All items are $50 for the entire month of May as we perfect our supply chain with your help. We also plan to make personal contact with all who purchase items this month as you will be part of the "foundational Famly." We hope through the public introduction of the apparel line we’re able to expand our reach and look forward to joining forces with as many as possible to help as many as possible. 

Your support tells the world you love to look good and you love to RAZE HELL!

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